We at AHSS use the latest and most advanced technology for Hair Restoration, with a touch of Artificial Intelligence for highest precision, safety and better results.

Robotic Hair Restoration is more precise and accurate as compared to the traditional methods of Hair Transplantation.

Worldwide, about 60 percent of men and women experience some form of hair loss. If addressed on time, Hair loss concerns can be very successfully dealt. To address this, people often turn to over- the -counter products, non- invasive therapies and minimal invasive treatments like Hair Transplant.

Hair Transplant is an effective hair restoration method and is typically more successful than over –the- counter hair restoration products and non- invasive therapies.

The traditional Hair Transplantation methods have a few shortfalls like

• Un-controlled depth while scoring

• De-hydration of Follicular Units due to the vacuum.

• Pain on the tissue of Follicular Units whilst travelling through long suction tubes.

• Strain to the Follicular Units throughout Handling while implantation.

• Strain to the Follicular Units during implantation because of pressurized air

• Buried grafts.

All of these deficits have been addressed and overcome by Robotic transplant. The specially designed punches ensure that the depth of scoring is always restricted and non-variable, thereby ensuring enhanced quality grafts, smaller transection rates and minimal trauma to the deeper structures. The Cold External Climate of the Canister helps in lessening the metabolism of the graft tissue and an enhanced survival. The setup of the instrument ensures that the grafts are transported in a better environment in no time, preventing any damage due to the vacuum and mechanical trauma. The Specially designed Implanters, are such designed for minimal manual handling of the graft thereby bringing down the transaction rate drastically.


Advanced FUE help people with severe to profound hair loss to restore hair natural look

✔ Minimal invasive
✔ No visible scarring
✔ No pain

In Advanced FUE procedure no long incision in the donor area are made, as in the FUT procedure. 

This is an ideal method of surgery for patients who like to wear their hair short. This method is also recommended for patients who have a tight scalp or have previously undergone the ‘strip’ or FUT method but with little or no success. Advanced FUE help people with severe to profound hair loss to restore hair natural look.

Now, patients can enjoy hair transplant from the arms, body, face, back, legs, and chest allowing them to get denser hair. Here are key advantages to Advanced FUE:

• Advanced FUE assure minimal invasive surgery

• There is no numbness or tightness in the scalp

• Safe and result oriented surgery

• Grey or white hairs can easily be transplanted through FUE 

• No visible scarring even with short hairs

• No pain during treatment so that you can leave home just after the treatment

• Natural local anaesthesia is facilitated during the procedure to minimise pain

• Body hairs can only be transplanted using Advanced FUE technique

• A large number of hairs can be harvested using the FUE hair transplant techniques

Facial Hair Transplant

• Beard Hair Transplant

• Eyebrows Hair Transplant

• Moustache Hair Transplant

Beard Hair Transplant

Beard hair transplants are among the commonly performed hair transplant procedures worldwide and in India. A Beard Hair Transplant in India initially requires understanding a man’s facial dimension to come up with symmetry results. During the procedure, the surgeon will harvest hair follicles from the back of the scalp and then implant them in the tiny incisions made in the beard region to create a new or full-fledged beard

Eyebrows Hair Transplant

Eyebrows are a crucial part of one’s face, but in some cases, either due to genetics, medications, or lifestyle; their density, length, and appearance may get altered leaving one with an awkward look. An eyebrow hair transplant is performed by implanting soft hair follicles from the back of the head to create new eyebrows or improve the density and general appearance of the existing eyebrows.

Moustache Hair Transplant

A full moustache is a source of pride in Indian men, but due to several factors, one’s moustache may fail to grow as expected. That leaves individuals with no option, but to undergo a Moustache Hair Transplant for sophisticated looks. The procedure will excellently create a fuller and an attractive moustache.

Skin treatment

AHSS can help you to enhance your beauty in a very few time.

To get rid of your problems like Face lift, Brow lift, Neck lift etc get in touch with us.

Body Treatment

We provide you advanced medical treatments to give your body perfect shape and to lose the extra fat on your body.

We help you for your problems like Breast Augmentation/ Reduction, Rhinoplastys, Tummy Tuck, etc.


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✔ Unbeaten scientific approach towards Hair Care and Skin Care.


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What our happy clients says about us. Hope this will help you to get the answers of your queries.

Parvez Rawat

I am a 45 year male and I was facing this problem of male pattern baldness since past 4 years. I came to know about AHSS through a friend of mine and went for a couselling session with the Doctor. It was very informative, alomost all my queries were addressed to my satisfaction. Therefore I decided to go for the final proceudre which was so much better that what I imagined. The best part about them is they were there with me untill i got my final result. My result was exactly what i was promised. Good work AHSS. Keep it up.

Satish Bankhele

I want to Thank you AHSS for making my transplant experience so great. I didn't realise how easy it would all be, and the care and professionalism of your team made my experience a real pleasant one. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Dilip Khandekar

When I was thinking of getting a hair transplant done I was too skeptical about the results and safety part. But because the Robotic technique sounded very promising I thought of giving it a try, still with a little doubt in my mind. But today I am so glad that I took that decision. It was the best investment I ever made. My self confidence has been totally restored.

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